Assessment Process

aDuring our assessment process we may need to ask quite a lot of questions and, if necessary, seek additional information from your carer, your doctor, and any other specialists who know about your health and needs. A specially trained member of staff will carry out the assessment and all information will be treated confidentially. Our aim is always to make sure that we understand your needs and preferences, so that we can respond in the way that really suits you best.

If you decide to have care provided by Kensington Community Care, we will need to carry out a risk assessment, and if it seems appropriate we may make some suggestions as to how unnecessary risk can be minimised in order to maximise your independence.

Once we have assessed your needs and any risks, we will then with the help from you, prepare a plan for the care we expect to deliver. This is called a Care Plan.

The plan will specify the services we will provide, with details like timings of our care worker visits and the tasks to be performed, and it will state our agreed objectives of providing the service and how we plan to achieve those objectives. Once your care has started you can rely on our carers to arrive at the correct time and stay for the full length of the time allocated. All our carers are monitored by an electronic monitoring system so we will know straight away if there are any problems and are allocated ample travel time between their calls so you won’t feel rushed. Our office staff are always on hand to answer any queries you may have and you will be allocated an Area Manager  who will ensure your care package runs smoothly.